The Letter to Arnold


Arnold是我在HongKong Youth Hostel遇见的一位来自荷兰的朋友。给我的印象是:乐观而友好,个子非常高!(我终于见识了荷兰人的身高,荷兰男性平均身高1.83m,而我只有1.63m。什么是差距?这就是差距!)


hai Arnold,
Thank you for speaking highly of my english. To tell the truth,write a letter in English is a great challenge for most of Chinese college student,including me. I have been almost completely isolated from Englsih curriculum in past two years,but now,I have to make progress with it cause I really thought English is important. Not only for our Englsih test,but also for communication with you.
For our English study,we often take a helper in writing — Electronic Dictionary. I can look up a unfamiliar word in it quickly, and also get some Chinese into English. The most important for us is how to put those words to use. More practice,and more effective!
As you knows,Chinese new year is different. Most of countries in East Asia and Southeat Asia have the habit of Chinese new year,also called Spring Festival. This Spring Festival I stayed with my grandma in Chengdu. I had prepared for showing some pictures to you,but unfortunately those pictures were stored in my family’s PC,not in my laptop. so I will show it next time.
The world is really becoming smaller,that is why the financial crisis extended to other lands rapidly. In china’s interior,it seems the financial crisis did not brought any effect in our life. But in china’s coastal cities,people in those cities could feel the atmosphere of tenseness. Our university students,in the wake of decrease in employment,are worried about our jobs and future. In order to avoid this crisis,many students planed to delay their employment,chose the further education or pass an entrance examination to be official. (In China,the officials’ job or civil servents’ job is regarded as ‘iron rice bowl’,which is a permanent income they would never lose whether they work hard or not.)
How about your life now? Looking forward your reply!


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